Play 4 Keeps is an independent music release by LIFECRZY,
the Brooklyn based producer by way of Silver Spring, MD.
He describes the project as “A sonic journey inspired by
a romantic love interest, and the chaos + beauty that
flowed from the relationship’. P4K is LIFECRZY’s first
ever independent release, and features only on vocalist
on the outro.

2SEATER gathered al necessary assets for the projects
rollout, consulted with LIFECRZY on every decision, connected
talent to a larger industry network, while building out the
official webpage for his growing audience to have a one-stop
shop for all tangible and non-tangible reasions.

We developed an easy to use web experience which
prioritized LIFECRZY’s DSP pages, social media,
and Shop experience.

We intertwined LIFECRZY’s music into our company released
(Location remote add), organically increased his social media following,
secured artist page on all DSP’s, documented his creative progress,
set step a by step rollout schedule, secured primary artwork and 
introduced his name to a wider audeince through release of solo
project to build future brand as a producer.